In response to the World Environment Day and the Month of Action for Environment, on June 11, 2021, CISDOMA, collaborated with Heineken Vietnam and the Economic Department of Dien Ban Town organized the handover ceremony of equipment to support the classification, collection and treatment of domestic waste for the People’s Committee of Dien Tien commune. This is an activity within the framework of a “Watershed Stewardship Project” funded by Heineken Vietnam and implemented by CISDOMA in Lai Chau and Quang Nam Provinces.

Attending the activity were representatives from Heineken Vietnam Brewery Co. Ltd, People’s Committee of Dien Ban Town, People’s Committee of Dien Tien Commune, functional agencies, mass organizations and more than 30 people in the project area. Through the ceremony, key messages on environmental protection were emphasized, including:

· Participation of people in classification, collection and treatment of waste at source is essential.

· The effectiveness of ecosystem restoration stems from the smallest actions such as sorting, collecting and treating waste properly, planting trees, not littering…

· With healthy ecosystems, people’s livelihoods can be enhanced, more resilient to climate change.

In December 2019, the Consultative Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous areas – CISDOMA signed cooperation agreements with the People’s Committee of Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province and the People’s Committee of Tam Duong district,  Lai Chau province to coordinate in implementing the Program “Watershed Stewardship” sponsored by Heineken Vietnam. Aiming to protect waters resources from polluting factors, the Program has carried out series of activities from  awareness raising, providing technical and material support to facilitate the changes of community’s habits in using plastic, treating domestic waste, in order to reduce the amount of polluting sources. The project also conducted training and supported solutions to manage pollution sources from agricultural production, such as appropriate use of pesticides, suitable treatment of pesticides containers, treatment of livestock waste,

So far, the project has organized 12 training courses, 04 communication events and reached more than 3000 households in the targeted communes. Along with that, the project supported the necessary materials and equipment so that the community can apply good practices in production and daily life. The material support includes 44 garbage trolleys, nearly 600 trash cans for more than 300 households applied the model of classifying household waste and composting organic waste at home. The project also supported the construction of 99 tanks to collect pesticide containers, which help the cooperatives effectively organize the collection, safe transportation and disposal of the pesticides containers. There have been 40 households supported to apply biological filtration system of husbandry liquid water to reduce pollution in the residential community and discharge of untreated husbandry waste into the water body. Especially, the project has facilitate the formation and support initial operation of 27 groups of garbage collectors in the villages in order to maintain and promote good environmental protection practices in the locality.

With practical and meaningful activities, the project has been positively responded. People and local authorities actively participated, and committed to maintaining the project’s results in order to contribute to protecting the living environment, water source for production and daily life of the community.

Watch the news about the Handover ceremony of the Water Conservation Project, broadcasted on Dien Ban tơn Television on June 26, 2021  at -ban-26-6-2021/