Management Board

Mr. Truong Quoc Can obtained a Master degree from the University of the Philippines – UPLB in 2003. He has more than 20 years of working experience in different environments, including government research institutions, INGOs, and local NGOs in Asian countries such as the Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Can possesses a very strong expertise in training and research on subjects relating to Rural Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Seed Technology, Poverty Analysis, Public Services, and Education. He also has intensive experience in leading/facilitating processes of building (mid-long term) program strategies and organizational development for non-profit organisations and social development networks.

Mr. Can has for years deeply engaged with government agencies in policy analysis and policy-making processes in a wide spectrum of development sectors such as food security, education, poverty reduction, climate change, and natural resources management at national and international levels, and has gained significant achievements on policy advocacy with proven track records.

Vice Director
Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh earned his Master’s Degree from Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, in 2008.

With more than 19 years of service to various international organizations under his belt, Ninh has gained extensive experience in development project management, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and communications. He has taken an active role in developing documentations for different international organizations, notably the National Action Plan Strategy for ActionAid in Vietnam (2007), Disaster Risk Reduction Manual for ChildFund Australia and its partners at local level (2013), and Recovery Strategy after Hayan Storm in Phillipines for ChildFund Phillipines (2014).

In regards to capacity building, Ninh possesses expertise in developing sustainable development toolkits such as Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) and Participatory Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (PVCA), designing communication tools for development work, fundraising, and disaster management cycle.

Vice Director
Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan earned his Master’s degree in Social Development from Ateneo de Manila University, Phillipines. He gained enriched experience in the fields of Tourism and Education before anchoring his career in the development work. Tuan worked with International Non-governmental Organizations including the Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific in Vietnam, LienAID, and ActionAID in Vietnam, where he took a leading role in formulation, coordination, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various development projects funded by DFAT/AUSAID, DFID, DANIDA, IRISH AID, USAID and LIEN FOUNDATION.

With working experience spanning over 17 years, Tuan has a proven track record in application of participatory tools and human right – based approaches (HRBA), in formulation, implementation, and management of projects with funding up to one million USD, in partnership development and maintainance from central to local levels, and in fundraising, research and advocacy.

Tuan has developed sound understandings of the administrative structure and political system of the Vietnamese government, and development issues such as Climate Change, Water and Sanitation, Good Governance and CSR (Social Accountability tools and School Governance), Food Security, Education, HIV/AIDs, and Child’s Rights. He is recognized for his strong leadership, management, communication, and report writing skills.

Full Time Staff

Program Officer
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nha earned her Bachelor Degree in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension from Vietnam National University of Agriculture in 2007.

Working in the non-governmental sector for more than eight years, Nha serves as program officer and researcher in the fields of Gender, Human Rights, Grassroot Democracy, Livelihoods, Public Services, Organization Assessment, Asset-based Community Development, Health, and Education. She is armed with diverse experience in formulation and implementation of Logframe-based projects focusing on Livelihoods, Raising Public Awareness, Capacity Building for Community-based Organizations, and Evidence-based Policy Advocacy. With regards to research and training activities, Nha is skilled in designing quantitative research tools, conducting community-based researches, applying PRA and HRBA approaches, and promoting gender mainstreaming in development projects.

Responsible and dedicated, Nha devotes herself to development work for the cause of building a better society.

Project Officer

Mr. Vu The Thuong graduated with a master’s degree in Social Psychology from Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities. With more than 17 years working for non-governmental organizations, Mr. Thuong has experience with coordinating and implementing intervention projects, as well as doing research on various topics, including HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive health, sustainable agriculture and livelihood, environmental protection, forest governance, disaster risk reduction, and livelihood responses to climate change.

During coordinating and implementing those intervention projects and research activities, Mr. Thuong has gained valuable experience in developing training materials for adults and communication materials on behavior change.

Working partners and colleagues has appreciated him as an officer owning great communication, facilitation, communication, teamwork skills and the ability working with vulnerable groups.

Senior Accountant
Phan Thi Hanh assumes the role of Senior Accountant of CISDOMA since May, 2016. She graduated from National Economic University with a degree in Accounting. Before working for CISDOMA, she served as Finance/Program Officer for ActionAid’s Support Program for Development in Lai Chau province for over 10 years. Hanh has been accumulating sound understandings and experiences in accounting and financial management. Motivated, resourceful and dedicated, she upholds a strong work ethic that embraces transparency and accountability.

Program Assistant

Tuyen dedicates most of his time to community activities. Since he was a student in Vietnam National University of Agriculture, he has actively participated in internship and voluntary activities for many NGOs such as ACCD, Entrepreneurs du Monde, Pan Nature and World Vision. With his passion for community development, his strong analytical and research skills, he wants to become a rural researcher to improve living standards of vulnerable communities in rural area.

Programme Intern
Vy has graduated from Foreign Trade University in March 2019 with a very good degree in Business English. After finishing NGO Traineeship 8 (a course funded by Irish Aid and organized by the Center for Sustainable and Development Studies), Vy decided to become a program intern at CISDOMA.

When studying at college, Vy actively participated in social work at Hanoi Free Private Tour Guides, Future Bankers Networks (at Foreign Trade University), REACH (a Vietnamese NGO) and wrote a case study on Corporate Social Responsibility, published at Foreign Trade University’s Workshop Proceedings. With the ability to learn and willing to challenge herself, Vy wishes to participate in projects which improve the lives of people in rural and mountainous areas.

Programme Intern
As a person who likes to observe things from a psychological perspective and believes in the relationship of nature – human, Thu wants to stick with the development field in non-governmental organizations to help people live in a better and sustainable life. Over 3 years of living with a minimalist lifestyle and being a zero-waste person, she has had opportunities to see what she really wants to pursue, which is to appreciate the natural elements and to use her positive energy to reach to people around.

Local facilitators    


Mr. Vu has been working for the project “Strengthen the resilience of poor population through climate change adaptive livelihoods” in Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province since 2017. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and Forestry major from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. Also, he has 8-year experience of working for Action Aid Vietnam (AAV) – an international non-governmental organization in Vietnam. With a strong background in agricultural livelihoods, climate change adaptation, PRA tools, experience in conducting community activities and working with ethnic minorities, he wants to improve ethnic minorities’ living standards and reduce sustainably poverty in rural areas.


Mrs. Tham obtained an Accounting Degree from Thuongmai University. She has more than 5-year experience in socio-economic development project planning in department of Finance and Planning of Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province. Since July 2017, she has been working as a local accountant and facilitator for the project “Strengthen the resilience of poor population through climate change adaptive livelihoods” in Tam Duong District. Mrs. Tham shows her great responsibility and passion for her job and always conforms strictly to accounting and financial regulations of the project.


Ms. Mai has a bachelor’s degree in Silvicultere from Can Tho University in 2017. After graduation, she has been working for the project “Strengthen the resilience of poor population through climate change adaptive livelihoods” as local facilitator in Nga Nam District, Soc Trang Province. In this role, she collaborates with local farmers to build climate change adaptive livelihoods in Nga Nam District. This process fueled her passion for supporting local poor communities to build adaptive capacity to climae change and develop sustainable livelihoods.

Regular Collaborators/Technical Advisors

Ngo Duc Anh
Master of Science
Specialization(s): Public Health

Nguyen Tat Canh
Specialization(s): Cultivation & Agricultural Land Management

Tran Thi Minh Chau
Bachelor of Art
Specialization(s): Press & Communication

Nguyen Mong Cuong
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Environment & Climate Change

Ha Thi Anh Dao
Doctor of Medicine
Specialization(s): Medicine

Hoang Ngoc Giao
Bachelor of Law
Specialization(s): Law

Mai Van Hai
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Sociology

Bui The Hung
Specialization(s): Agriculture

Bui Lan Huong
Specialization(s): Agronomy

Ho Thi Lan Huong
Specialization(s): Biogas & Agriculture’s Energies

Bui Huy Khoat
Specialization(s): Development Economics

Tran Thi Mai
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Food Technology

Vu Van Me
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Forestry

Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga
Specialization(s): Ethnology

Nguyen Huu Thuan
Specialization(s): Economic Management & Rural Development

Dang Nghia Phan
Specialization(s): Demography

Nguyen Vinh Quang
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Forestry

Bach Tan Sinh
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Environment

Le Ngoc Thang
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Ethnology

Nguyen Phuc Tho
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Microcredit

Nguyen Quang Thuan
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Public Economics

Doan Thu Thuy
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Environmental Ecology

Nguyen Khac Tich
Assistant Professor/Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Husbandry

Vuong Xuan Tinh
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Ethnology

Ngo Thi Trinh
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Economics

Nguyen Thanh Tung
Master of Art
Specialization(s): Policy Advocacy

Nguyen Dinh Vinh
Master of Science
Specialization(s): Agriculture & Rural Development

Duong Thi Xuan
Master of Art
Specialization(s): Policy and Law

Luong Minh Phuong
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Education

Tran Thi Thai Ha
Doctor of Philosophy
Specialization(s): Education

Phan Thi Suu
Doctor of Science
Specialization(s): Food technology