On February 20th in Hoa Binh province, The Consultative Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas (CISDOMA), in coordination with Hoa Binh province Department of Foreign Affairs, organized the launching workshop for the project “Securing the land rights of women in ethnic communities through legal support”, which is funded by Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG).

There were 49 participants from the relevant agencies in Hoa Binh province, including the Legal Aid Center, The Center of Land Management of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, The Association of Lawyers of Hoa Binh province, The Department of External Affairs of Hoa Binh, The Hoa Binh Women’s Union, Hoa Binh Farmers’ Union, representatives of People’s Committees of Da Bac and Kim Boi districts and land administrative officers from 14 project communes. Besides, from the donor, Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Lan – the MRLG coordinator attended the workshop.

The participants were introduced about the project, its objective as well as expected outputs. They also discussed the situation of ethnic women in accessing the legal aid support in the area of Hoa Binh province, how the pilot model of legal aid would support the ethnic women and the work plan of the project implementation. The leaders of People’s Committees of Da Bac and Kim Boi districts expressed their commitment toward supporting project activities in their two districts.