CISDOMA aims at building an equal society in which each person has stable livelihood, safe and healthy living environment.
Co-operating with non-governmental organizations, donors, state agencies and communities through consulting, training and implementing development activities to enhance effectiveness of these activities, and facilitate solution for sustainable development in Vietnam.
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Solidarity
  • Creativity
  • Effectiveness
  • Sustainable management of environment and natural resources;
  • Climate change resilience;
  • Disasters risk management;
  • Sustainable agriculture, rural livelihood; and
  • Market connection, social enterprises development
  •  Conducting studies, evaluation and implementing interventions on abovementioned fields
  • Training and capacity building; and
  • Providing recommendations and feedbacks on policies, strategies, and legal documents in relevant fields
  • Poor communities, farmers, ethnic minorities living in rural and mountainous areas;
  • Vietnam and South East Asia;
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