On the morning of June 16, 2022, the handover ceremony of the water conservation project and the field visit are co-organized by Dien Ban Town People’s Committee, Dien Tien Commune People’s Committee and CISDOMA. These activities are part of the water conservation project, funded by Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited Company from 2020 to 2021 and implemented by CISDOMA, in cooperation with Dien Ban Town People’s Committee, in Dien Ban Town Quang Nam province.

The event welcomed the participation of more than 120 delegates, including representatives from Heineken Vietnam Brewery Co. Ltd., CISDOMA, the Leaders of Dien Ban People’s Committee, the People’s Committee of Dien Tien Commune, functional agencies, mass organizations of Dien Tien Commune, beneficiaries in the project area, and representatives from other communes.

The representatives attended the handover ceremony.

The following positive outputs during the two years, from 2020 to 2022, in Dien Tien Town are mentioned below:

  • Organize training courses on domestic waste classification and treatment with the participation of 75 attendees, including teachers and administrators of the nursery, primary, and secondary schools and households in 11 villages. The program has carried out a series of sessions to facilitate the change in community’s behaviors, for example, practices to reduce plastic use or apply the techniques for solid waste classification in order to minimize the release of toxic pollutants into the environment.
  • Conduct trainings on the appropriate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with over 100 representatives from the village Women Union, the communal Youth Union, heads of villages, teachers, and 91 households in the targeted communes.
  • Carry out trainings on livestock waste treatment with more than 100 participants, including households, teachers, the village Women Union, and communal Youth Union.
  • Provide support for the construction of 48 pesticide container collection tanks. These tanks were placed on suitable sites that help the farmers easily collect these ones after spraying.
  • Provide tools and equipment for the collection and classification of solid waste to local households and schools in 11 residential areas. These included eleven garbage trolleys, forty 240-liter plastic trash cans, and one hundred recycling waste bins.
  • Support the construction of livestock wastewater treatment systems for five small and medium sized livestock households at the project villages.

At the ceremony, the Leader of Dien Ban Town People’s Committee made a firm commitment to maintaining and developing the project’s achievements on larger scales in both the targeted communes and other communes in the locality. This aims to seek the long-term impacts on change of community’s awareness and behaviors related to the limitations of plastic use, treatment of domestic waste, and management of agricultural pollution sources in order to mitigate hazardous substances for protecting the living environment.

Representative of the waste collection group guided the techniques of gathering the pesticide covers to visitors in the field visit.

Participating to the ceremony, the representatives from the other communes have had the opportunity to learn from the practical results of the project, including the techniques of treating pesticide covers, livestock waste water, and collecting and classifying domestic waste at home.

Representative of the waste collection group guided the techniques of collecting and classifying domestic waste in the field visit.

The Handover ceremony has been launched under the Campaign “Only One Earth” in response to the “Action Month for the World Environment” to convey the message about working together for the protection of fresh air, conservation of water, soil, and other natural resources, towards a sustainable lifestyle and livelihood in harmony with nature.