In January 2021, the  Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas, together with 5 universities, held quarterly meetings to review the preliminary assessment of the first-year activities implementation of the project “Youth participate in changing gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality in Vietnam”.

Attending the meetings were Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh – Deputy Director of CISDOMA, program officer at the Institute and core project members at universities.

Looking back at the activities of the first year of the project, despite the complicated Covid epidemic affecting the progress, the team has completed basic activities in the first year of the project.

Specifically, the group has successfully built a network of partners, members including universities, experts in conducting research and surveys on gender equality. The project has successfully organized 5 events to promote gender equality, attracting a large number of students and faculty members of universities, including schools not directly participating in the project. The results of the survey at the beginning of the project on gender stereotypes prevalent among young people in the corporate and university environment have been widely presented through events. The group has also successfully conducted training courses on basic knowledge on gender equality for many key staff at 5 universities.

In addition to appreciating the efforts to implement the activities in the past year, the project team at the 5 schools unanimously determined to fulfill the objectives of the year 2 projects as follows:

February 2021 – March 2021: develop gender-sensitive integrated teaching manuals
June 2021: Organized training on the use of manuals for key trainers

                  Introduce gender-sensitive curriculum into universities at the beginning of the new school year.