As part of the organisation food security policy, Bread for the World (BftW) is developing a strategic direction to strengthen agroecology Vest Vietnam-Laos.

CISDOMA provided the consultancy package to BftW on a “Comprehensive analysis of existing and potential local resources and their contributions to an agroecology approach in food production in Vietnam”


From November 2017 to February 2018


The analysis is supposed to deliver a comprehensive analysis of agroecology approaches, potentials and expertise, frameworks, standards and state policies in Vietnam and Laos, which can serve as a source of information for the partner organization and Bread for the World’s funding and advocacy strategy.

CISDOMA’s Services:

  • Research and analyse relevant documents regarding the agroecology approach and its potentials in Vietnam, including research documents and state policies, available sources on the internet.
  • Conduct interviews with relevant research institutes, universities, organisations and experts in Vietnam and undertake field visits to (pilot) farms, successful implemented models and best practices.
  • Analyse the relevance of the identified (pilot) farming models and best practices, their potentials, and limitations for multiplying at a broader level pointing out the regional geographical discrepancies.
  • Share findings and recommendations with selected partner organisations and the VEST team
  • Exchange and share the methodologies and findings to the consultant doing the analysis in Laos for a holistic and comprehensive deliverable.