Since 2015, the Fall Agriculture Forum has become an important annual event of the Agriculture Alliance. In 2020, the Forum is expected to be held with the theme “Orientation of Vietnam’s agricultural policy in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic”. The main content is to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the agricultural sector and the directions for the agricultural sector to adapt to the epidemic.

Expected organization time: November 19, 2020
Location: Cong Doan Hotel, 14 Tran Binh Trong, Hanoi

The Alliance would like its members to contribute posts or recommend the writers to join the Forum. The invitation to write articles is posted here: Industry-purchase-revenue-2020-investment-guidance-approval-a-year-old-in-soup-dai-translation-covid.html

Union members registered to attend the Forum with Ms. Thao (, cc Ms. Diu (

Members in the South participating in the Forum please email their first and last name, desired flight time and flight to the Organizing Committee to book flights and hotels.

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