On July 16-17, 2020, cooperated with Vietnam Rubber Industry Group – VRG, CISDOMA organized a training course to introduce the Handbook for Community Engagement for VRG managers.

34 managers of VRG’s branches in Vietnam and representatives of VRG’s member companies in Laos and Cambodia participated in this training. Following up with the training, a field trip to pilot application of the Handbook in community consultations on sustainable forest management plan. The pilot  was held at 3 farms of Dong Nai Rubber SJC, on July 28, 2020.

34 delegates in Vietnam and 15 bridge points in Laos, Cambodia participated in the seminar

The training and pilot are in the chain of activities implemented by CISDOMA since 2018 within the framework of the a support project, funded by Oxfam, to enhance VRG’s community engagement programme, contributing to the Group’s sustainable development strategy.

Discussion on Community engaging methodology and skills

CISDOMA has compiled the Handbook based on legal regulations of Vietnam, international standards for sustainable forest management and experiences from good examples for community engagement. The aim of the pilot is to ensure that the guides will be customised to suit the practical contexts where VRG’s companies operate. The Handbook for Community Engagement is expected to be finalised and officially published for application in VRG’s member companies by end of 2020.