From March to September 2016, CISDOMA will provide consultancy to Institute of International Education on the USAID-funded project Vietnam Partner Capacity Development Program (PCD). The project is intended to address one of Vietnam’s core challenges – a desire for growth, innovation, and investment while promoting transparent and effective governance that embraces diverse ideas and resources of its people.

To achieve this, PCD supports individuals, organizations, and institutions to acquire the knowledge, skills, and capacity they need to lead Vietnam’s continued development and transformation in USAID/Vietnam’s priority areas, including economic growth and inclusion, private sector partnerships and innovation, HIV/AIDS, climate change and disaster risk reduction, disability and vulnerable populations, avian and pandemic influenza, education, and environmental remediation. Actual services provided by CISDOMA are as follows:

  • Review the program document and strategy of targeted partners organizations;
  • Facilitate workshop and consultation of stakeholders to develop strategies for the targeted organizations;
  • Provide inputs and advices on the development of the organization strategies of targeted organizations; and
  • Coordinate among international and local consultant working on the assignment