Hoa Binh – On 27th December 2012, the Consultative Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountainous Areas (CISDOMA) held the closing workshop of the project Piloting the model of managing non-Special Use (SUFs) High Conservation Value Forests (HCVFs) using multi-purpose approach in Tan Lac Afforestation Yard (Tan Lac District).


Sponsored by GEF Small Grants Programme – UNDP (GEF/SGP-UNDP), the project was implemented from October 2009 to December 2012 in Hoa Binh province by two management units: Mai Chau Protection Forest Management Board, and Tan Lac Afforestation Yard.

The workshop was attended by representatives of participating authoritative bodies and forest owners from Tan Lac and Mai Chau districts, and direct beneficiaries of the project – participating households from Tu Ne commune, and Farmer’s Union and village chiefs of Trung Hoa Commune (Tan Lac district).

After three years of implementation, the project had developed an HCVF selection criteria set and identified HCVFs in the project areas in Dong Bang, Phuc San (managed by Mai Chau Protection Forest Management Board), Phu Vinh and Trung Hoa communes (managed by Tan Lac Afforestation Yard). In addition, it had enhanced capacity of forestry officers and project beneficiaries in Hoa Binh province in investigation, planning and management of HCVFs. The project helped participating communities to develop models for biodiversity preservation and for forest enrichment combining with non-wood product development and agricultural production using the following methods:

  • Inter-planting rattan in tree plantations;
  • Enriching natural forests (protection forests) with plants yielding non-wood products such as Dracontomelon duperreanum and Canarium album;
  • Establishing forest patrol and protection teams; and
  • Providing loan support for agricultural and animal husbandry development.

With support of the project, the lives of people in targeted communities were gradually improved. The forests in project areas were better protected, thereby preserving forest biodiversity.

Nguyen Van Thinh, Director of Tan Lac Afforestation Yard, said: “This project means a lot to the people engaging in afforestation activities, particularly to us, forestry officers. It afforded us thorough understandings of HCVF selection criteria and how to identify HCVF areas. The project beneficiaries now know how to inter-plant rattan in tree plantations as a way to improve their economic conditions.”