Rain and floods occurred on a large scale in more than 11 central provinces, leaving many families to fall into a emtry-handed situation. Supporting the people to rebuild their lives is a major task: what to prioritize and how to rebuild is an urgent issue posed for the authorities.

Recently, Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh, Deputy Director of CISDOMA had a discusssion about this topic with VOV2 Voice of Vietnam.

First of all, it must be acknowledged that the flood occurring this year is very different from the natural disaster events that occurred in recent years. “This is a severe natural disaster, which floods for many days, the affected area expands to 5 to 6 central provinces. It floods pile floods, causing severe damage to people and property. “, Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh said.

The damage caused to people in this flood is extremely serious. The historic flood and landslides have claimed 130 lives and affected millions. According to preliminary statistics from the United Nations Development Program, more than 270,000 houses collapsed, more than 37,500 houses were damaged. The floodwaters caused many people to lose almost all their properties and homes. Many poor and near-poor household currently do not have the material to invest in repairing, rebuilding houses or purchasing necessities.

When identifying the difficulties threatening people, it can be divided into 3 categories: 1. Lack of living conditions

  1. Loss of human resourses and loss of resources
  2. Unable to access to public services: health care, education.

Facing such a situation, it is extremely necessary to identify the urgent needs of people to come up with the appropriate support plan. Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh said that it is necessary to see from different angles of different target groups to provide appropriate support, not to offer the same support to everyone. He gave the example “Children in floodplain areas after natural disasters will now need book support so that they can quickly return to school. The campus area is in desperate need of support to quickly restore education for children. The medical service area also needs to be quickly restored to ensure access and treatment for people, etc. ”. Finally, particular attention should be paid to vulnerable groups such as the poor, women and children.

Give the fishing rod, but the fishes are also important

Many authorities give priority to providing emergency support short-term seeds and plants so that farmers can rebuild production and stabilize the economy as soon as possible. This support is based on the disaster management cycle. In the short phases, it focuses on supporting breeders and some services to restore normal lives for people. The longer phase (the reconstruction phase) focuses on supporting pig breeds or conditional cash support programs, but there is still a need for continuing food and food support for farmers, especially the poor, who are vulnerable as they wait to harvest. “For households with only two old couples, who have lost all their assets, now giving them production materials, it is difficult for them to hold out until economic stabilization.” Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh noted.

Save yourself before waiting for rescuing
Mr. Ninh encouraged “The Party, State and the Government and the community will support people. It is a long tradition”. State support is very important, but how the relief and reconstruction work is still mainly due to the spirit of the people. All support from the government and organizations is long-distance support, while people immediately face natural disasters. So we need to make every effort to protect ourselves, to keep ourselves safe before help arrives.

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